Quilters' Jewelry

Quilting is a craft that spans the centuries, as far back as the 15th century. Whole cloth quilts were common trade goods among the wealthy in Europe and Asia but it wasn’t until the mid-19th century that pieced block quilts (often called patchwork quilts), became the principal form of quilt making.

In early America, quilting was a very popular activity especially in the Midwest where it was a common social pastime for women. Town fairs usually included quilting bees where excellence in quilting was recognized. Handmade quilts were given as wedding gifts for young couples and were often items mentioned in wills because of their sentimental significance.

In early American culture, quilts often reflected a tableau of a woman's life. Swatches of material from wedding gowns or a child's baptismal garments commonly became part of a patchwork pattern quilt, making it a particularly meaningful craft.
Now the history and vintage charm of quilting can be enjoyed and admired on more than beds, quilt racks and walls. Quilters and quilt fans alike will appreciate this high quality sterling silver collection and its lovely piecework designs. Our Quilt Pattern Jewelry is individually fashioned by Metal Arts Group silversmiths, in Portland, Oregon, who understand the beauty of incorporating culture into finely crafted jewelry.