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Hillstar House is pleased to offer an extensive collection of fine jewelry in sterling silver, sterling silver with enamel, and gold from the well know and respected jewelry manufacturer, Metal Arts Group as well as handcrafted fused glass jewelry by the accomplished designer, Carol Ingram Moore.

All of Metal Arts Group jewelry is individually crafted in Portland, Oregon, by jewelry silversmiths who excel in creating beautiful reproductions of original artwork. Metal Arts Group has specialized in culturally inspired jewelry since 1895 including design traditions in themes of Quilt, Native American, Celtic, Western Range and Americana. These unique jewelry pieces are sought by collectors worldwide and carried by such prestigious institutions as the Smithsonian Institute and New York’s Museum of Natural History. We encourage you to browse our extensive collection of original designs featured in bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, belt buckles and knives.

Joyful Expressions is a unique collection of designs executed by the talented silversmiths at Metal Arts Group in sterling silver and colorful enamel.  You must see the graceful floral design shapes espressed in pendants of different sizes and groupings as well as earrings which complete an ensemble.

Quilt Patterns

Northwest Coast Native American


Western Range Wilderness


Joyful Expressions

Fused Glass Jewelry

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